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 Jake Florano

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PostSubject: Jake Florano   Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:03 pm

Full Name: Jake Florano
Fairy or Sparrow Man: Sparrow Man
Fairy State: Young Adult
Origin: Italy
Main Skill: Flower Skill
Basic Clothes:

Jake is a timid and sweet guy. He learns most of his stuff from his sister and he looks up to her. He likes to spend his time in Springtime Orchard where he likes to stare at the beautiful trees. He hates being in conflict and tries to stay away from it. If he ever gets caught in a problematic situation he usually doesn't know how to get out it. He also hates saying no to people. He tries to please everyone even the people he doesn't like. This usually causes him to get run over by his fake friends.
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Jake Florano
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