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 Winter Talent Information

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PostSubject: Winter Talent Information   Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:09 pm

Winter-talent fairies are in charge of everything relating to wintertime, be it ice, snow, frost, or even winter animals. In the movies, their job is to bring winter to the Mainland. They live in the Winter Woods, and they cannot stay in the warmer areas of Pixie Hollow for a long time lest their wings melt and break.

Appearance and Wardrobe
For their basic clothes winter fairies are seen wearing cool colors, such as white and pale blues, turquoises, and indigos.

Main Skills
Frost Skill -
The frost skilled fairies make beautiful and intricate designs out of frost crystals. The frost-talents do their work with careful care, mostly working on the corners. They conjure frost from their hands into all kinds of different shapes. They aren't just limited to using their hands to frost things, either, as Spike was seen frosting with the tip of her foot in Secret of the Wings. They can fix the smallest ice crystals just by touching them. If you wake up one morning with frost on your window, it was done by a frost-talent.

Snowflake Skill -
Snowflake skilled fairies make beautiful snowflakes of all shapes and sizes.  Their snowflakes are taken to the Mainland during winter.

Glacier Skill -
Glacier skilled fairies are those responsible for making ice blocks and freeze the river, lake, and ponds. They are known to be good at ice-skating, since glacier or frozen lake are the space to ice skate. Since glacier is the main substance of snowflakes, they may help making glacier to be crushed into snow and to be molded into snowflakes by the snowflake fairies. Glacier skill fairies mostly wear whites and blues. Females as well as males, both wear pants. The females wear skirts over their pants; however most do not.

Winter Animal Skill -
Winter Animal skilled fairies take care of the animals in the Winter Woods, they also take care of the animals that live in warm seasons and go to the forest to hibernate and also train Snowy Owls to help bring winter to the mainland. They can also talk to any animal in their native language, and have a great relationship with animals. They are like fairies Animal-talent fairies. The only difference is that this is a skill and it is used mainly for winter.
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Winter Talent Information
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