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 Tinker Talent Information

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PostSubject: Tinker Talent Information   Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:20 pm

Tinker-talent fairies fix everything in Pixie Hollow using a strange array of tools. Tinker-talent fairies are curious, love metallic colors, and use their magic to aid in the repair of the pots and pans of Pixie Hollow. They also invent and create special tools to help the nature fairies on the Mainland. Every tinker has their own talent mark and stamp their the work with it; Tinker Bell's is a steaming pot marked "TB."

All tinker fairies work mainly at Tinker's Nook and some even live there, others may live in Cottonpuff Field.

Appearance & Wardrobe
Tinker fairies usually wear green or blue clothes. For their basic clothes they usually weareither a tunic or dress made from leaves (and trousers, where necessary). Accessories such as tool belts and aprons are common. Tinker fairies often have short hair, or hair that is tied away from the face.

Main Skills
Crown Repairing Skill- Fairies with the Crown Repairing skill fix the queen's crown if it should be damaged. Since there is only one crown, they spend a lot of their time practicing.
Pots and Pans Skill- Fairies with the Pots and Pans skill specialize in mending pots, pans, and other fairy cookware. This is also Tinker Bell's talent.
Scrap Metal Recovery Skill- Fairies with the Scrap Metal Recovery skill recover scrap metal and melt it down to be used for new things and turn trash into beautiful items.
Scrap Metal Sorting Skill- Fairies with the Scrap Metal Sorting skill sort through the metal scrap metal recovery skilled fairies recover.
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Tinker Talent Information
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