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 Create a Fairy Guide

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PostSubject: Create a Fairy Guide   Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:05 pm

Hey there pixie friend! Here you will be able to understand the oc sheet in a simple manner.

Never Fairies
Full Name-
Fairy or Sparrow Man? - Female fairies are just simply called fairies where as Male fairies are usually called Sparrow Man.
Fairy State - For a Never Fairy application there are 3 stages in the Fairy State: Teenager, Young Adult, and Adult.
Origin - The location in which the baby laughs is important. If your fairy is born somewhere in Italy, the fairy will have an Italian accent. This is to add personality and variation to the characters.
Appearance - We recommend this site http://www.dolldivine.com/pixie-scene-maker.php to create your own Pixie Hollow Fairy. You can press prtsc/syrsq on your keyboard to screenshot the image and then paste it on paint and crop it to only the image of your fairy.
Main Skill - A main skill is something your fairy practices mainly for their talent. You can learn more about this in Pixie Facts.
Personality - A fairies personality should be filled with detail. We want to know the good and bad traits of your fairy and how they react to events.
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Create a Fairy Guide
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