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 Dust Talent Information

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PostSubject: Dust Talent Information   Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:11 pm

"We nurture the dust.  Maintain it.  Measure it.  Package it.  And distribute it.  A beautiful tradition, day in, day out, passed from one generation to the next, to the next, to the next..." -Fairy Gary on the role of a dust-talent fairy.

Dust-talent fairies process and ration out dust to the other fairies.  This is an extremely important job - without pixie dust, fairies couldn't fly properly or use their magical talents. Some dust fairies work primarily in the Dust Mill while some work at the Pixie Dust Distribution Depot . They set aside a portion of dust for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Due to the delicate nature of their work, Dust fairies cannot sneeze on the job. Sneezing near fairy dust is a certainty that one is not a dust fairy. Dust fairies live in all of the warm realms (spring,autumn,and summer).

Appearance & Wardrobe
Dust-talent fairies are often extra-sparkly due to working with dust. For their basic clothes they wear warm colors such as gold, orange, golden-brown, and amber.

Main Skills
Pixie Dust Alchemy Skill -
Dust-talent fairy Zarina performed alchemical experiments with pixie dust and found that by mixing approximately a daily allotment of dust, a grain or two of blue pixie dust, and another ingredient or two, she could create other colors of dust that would allow any fairy to perform tasks and feats associated with other talents. For example, a mix made with crushed sunflower seeds and a pinch of moonflower produced amber pixie dust, which allowed any fairy it was put on to control light. Putting any of these pixie dusts on a fairy will apparently override his or her original talent, only allowing that fairy to use the new talent. What's more, alchemized pixie dust appears to be more potent than normal pixie dust, as evidenced by Iridessa causing flowers to grow simply by walking across the ground, Fawn being able to condense a shaft of light to the point that she could scorch wood with it, and Tinker Bell being able to raise an enormous wall of water.

Precisely how long the fairies would have their new talents is in 2 days.
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Dust Talent Information
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